Independent long-term housing options for people with disabilities

Let’s set your Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) application up for success and find you somewhere awesome to live.

Dreaming of independent living but aren’t sure how to make it happen?

You’ve looked around, and it seems like your only options are undesirable, unsuited to your needs, or somewhere outside your established community. And the thought of living in a nursing home or with ageing parents is placing undue stress on everyone involved.

It is possible to live independently with a disability.

As an NDIS registered provider of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and Specialist Support Coordination services, we provide a reliable, clear, and easy-to-navigate path to ideal housing solutions for people with disabilities.

Take back control of where you live

If you’re an NDIS participant or a participants guardian with SDA funding approved, you can choose your location and decide what you want in your home.

Our in-depth knowledge of the SDA Rules and how the system works gives your application more sway with the decision-makers. Ready to get your SDA approval and have your voice heard?

Positive change in the disability housing sector

When you’re not used to having much control over where you live, you might be wondering how we can provide so much choice?

Well, that comes down to a couple of things.

First of all, the system has changed. Disability housing no longer falls under welfare; it’s now in an insurance model, which means the money (and control) is put directly in your hands.

But we’re also uniquely independent in the market

We don’t provide care, but we do work with your carers

If you wish to change your care provider for any reason, you no longer need to leave your accommodation. We can help you find new carers while you stay right where you’re happy.

We don’t own accommodation, but we do have a strong pipeline of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

Once you have the funding in place, we don’t walk away; we help you find somewhere to live and provide ongoing property management support. We work with developers known for their capability and capacity to deliver.

Providing quality SDA housing solutions in Australia

InHab Australia are leading bespoke disability accommodation managers. InHab Australia connects those looking for SDA and those who deliver it.

We help NDIS participants secure funding through an SDA approval and find suitable long-term housing solutions while also securing the pipeline of quality fit-for-purpose housing through our advisory services for developers and investors.

Our involvement ensures minimal disruption to living arrangements for people with a disability at any time.

Mark Peters & Tim McDermott – Secure Housing Australia

Alison McLeod and Kristy Burns from Inhab Australia are our chosen registered SDA Provider who execute all tasks in a most professional manner, as well as being both genuine colleagues with a wealth of knowledge who can simplify the most complex of processes. Being totally committed to advising optimum outcomes for people with disabilities, they are passionate and empathetic with all parties. We consider both Alison and Kristy as an integral part of our team, and we work as one.

Mark Peters & Tim McDermott - Secure Housing Australia


Bron Pike

I have had the pleasure of working with InHab for the past year. Throughout this time, I have found Alison and Kristy to be extremely professional, transparent and highly skilled in the area of Support Coordination and assisting participants and families to prepare for SDA Housing eligibility and funding applications. Their in depth knowledge of all things NDIS/SDA/SC/legislation and property is great to be able to tap in to. They are always willing to share their knowledge, are responsive, flexible and work in partnership with all stakeholders involved. They have extensive networks in the building industry, including builders, investors and property developers. I have been grateful to learn from them and look forward to continuing the partnership. I have no hesitation in recommending them to participants, families and other providers.

Bron Pike - Perth, WA

Support Coordinator

If you want to find out what’s possible for yourself or a loved one under the NDIS, book an initial consultation today.

For you, as a participant of the NDIS, working with InHab Australia means you will have input and be able to make a choice in your Successful SDA housing solution.

We work with you and your chosen support person to make sure we understand your circumstances and what you require from your home, to live your best life.

We consult with you to discover

Who you want to live with

  • On your own
  • Together with family
  • Share housing

What you need to thrive

  • Features
  • Technology

Your ideal location

  • Preferred town or suburb
  • Close to amenities or transport

Understanding you, we work with your support team to gather the necessary evidence base.

We combine this with our in depth knowledge of the SDA rules and how the system operates to make sure your voice is heard by the decision makers.

By choosing InHab Australia you are best placed for SDA success.

Contact us today for next steps: or call 1800 464 222.