At InHab Australia we provide an interface linking participants, property owners and sector regulators ensuring full SDA compliance and governance is met and successful SDA outcomes are achieved.

Get ahead in the newly emerging Specialist Disability Accommodation market

If NDIS property investment is on your radar, we can help make it a success for you and your tenants.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is a big opportunity for property providers

Whether you’re a property owner, investor, developer, landlord or lessor, SDA is an attractive proposition.

You have the chance to earn a consistent return each month by (literally) building a brighter future for someone who could currently be living in an inappropriate, stressful situation.

The reason more people aren’t jumping on this opportunity is because it’s not very well understood—yet.

Navigate the challenges of a highly regulated market

As someone with a strong property background, you probably already have everything it takes to build quality fit-for-purpose SDA. You’re just missing the how.

InHab Australia acts as your trusted advisor to walk you through the specifics and tell you what boxes you need to tick to build a successful SDA.

Once built, we’ll help you source tenants and manage your property within strict regulatory guidelines.

What it looks like in action:

You get advice

We’ll discuss what SDA is, what it requires and how to get the bricks and mortar built and ready for tenants.

We find tenants

While you’re building your property, we’ll be working with eligible tenants to find the right fit.

Everyone wins

Your tenants move into their new homes for the foreseeable future, and you enjoy consistent monthly returns.

Ongoing property management

We manage your SDA properties to provide strong returns, meet regulatory obligations, and provide an enjoyable home.

Are you ready to take the first step?

Mark Peters & Tim McDermott – Secure Housing Australia

Alison McLeod and Kristy Burns from Inhab Australia are our chosen registered SDA Provider who execute all tasks in a most professional manner, as well as being both genuine colleagues with a wealth of knowledge who can simplify the most complex of processes. Being totally committed to advising optimum outcomes for people with disabilities, they are passionate and empathetic with all parties. We consider both Alison and Kristy as an integral part of our team, and we work as one.

Mark Peters & Tim McDermott - Secure Housing Australia


Bron Pike

I have had the pleasure of working with InHab for the past year. Throughout this time, I have found Alison and Kristy to be extremely professional, transparent and highly skilled in the area of Support Coordination and assisting participants and families to prepare for SDA Housing eligibility and funding applications. Their in depth knowledge of all things NDIS/SDA/SC/legislation and property is great to be able to tap in to. They are always willing to share their knowledge, are responsive, flexible and work in partnership with all stakeholders involved. They have extensive networks in the building industry, including builders, investors and property developers. I have been grateful to learn from them and look forward to continuing the partnership. I have no hesitation in recommending them to participants, families and other providers.

Bron Pike - Perth, WA

Support Coordinator


It is important to note InHab Australia will not own the dwellings enrolled. Rather InHab Australia will be the interface balancing the choices of participants, housing stock provided by investors/developers/self-providers and the NDIA & NDIS regulatory and operational environment.

InHab Australia can help you navigate the system and create a long term investment to meet requirements of this newly emerging market segment.

Finding good tenants who are happy in their home is fundamental to your NDIS property investment strategy. Put simply, you’re going to lose money if your SDA sits empty.

While no one can guarantee returns on any investment, InHab Australia will assist enhance predictability of your investment in the following key areas:

SDA Management & Compliance

  • Ensuring any properties InHab Australia is the Registered SDA Provider for meet and exceed all regulatory measures
  • Dealing on behalf of owners/investors with all SDA Provider matters and passing through a net return for the dwelling enrolled

Property Management

  • Rolling out lease agreements and SDA agreements to the satisfaction of participants, owners and all legislative requirements
  • Dealing with all repairs and maintenance matters as needed
  • Sourcing and securing stock for participants which matches their requirements
  • Managing any bespoke minor modifications as required

Tenancy Management Services

  • Arranging tenant matching services to ensure a harmonious mix of housemates
  • Regular household meetings convened to confirm general tenant matters eg smoking/non-smoking, pets, OOA supports

Providing quality SDA housing solutions in Australia

As Australia’s leading bespoke disability accommodation managers, InHab connects those who provide SDA with those looking for it.

We help property providers navigate the system and create a long-term investment to meet requirements of this newly emerging market segment, while also securing SDA approval for NDIS participants.

Our involvement ensures minimal disruption to living arrangements for people with a disability at any time.

If you want to find out more about what’s possible in the NDIS property investment market, book an initial consultation today.